Wedgewood offers a true green product because we want more than just our cabinets to last.
European cabinets use less wood material overall due to the absence of a face frame.

Cabinet Parts

  • Like most Coloradans, our Kitchens by Wedgewood remodeling experts are ready for anything, whether it’s a tiny bathroom that comes with big ideas or a home office that needs some serious work done to it before you can get any work done in it. We look at cabinetry like a gallery owner views art. It is a point of pride that our work will last a lifetime, transform your vision into reality, and ultimately add value to your home.

Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

  • The most environmentally conscious choice here is to use a recycled or reclaimed lumber such as a barn wood.
  • Our wood veneer doors use a substrate with no added urea-formaldehyde.
  • Rapidly renewable products such as bamboo or lyptus are great options as they have a harvest cycle of less than 10 years and are grown in highly productive plantations using sustainable forestry practices.
  • Another viable option is to use domestic hardwoods (Cherry, Maple, Birch, Alder & Oak) these products are replanted in proportion to what is harvested creating no deforestation.
  • Hardwood that is Forestry Stewardship Council Certified (FSC) is available on request.

Drawer Boxes

  • Wedgewood drawer boxes are made from European Beech. Europe’s forests are increasing at 2 times the rate of North American Forests and are certified by the European Forestry Council as a sustainable product.
  • These dovetail boxes are finished with a water based topcoat.


  • Consider a less material-intensive natural finish to complement the natural characteristics inherent in your wood doors and fronts.
  • Another solution is a water based topcoat with no HAP’s and traces of VOC’s. This water based finish is very light and opaque and would probably require a stain before the top coat.

Green Countertops

  • We are proud to distribute countertops that are green, Icestone is a recycled concrete and glass product available in many colors and soapstone is a natural green product that doesn’t use harsh chemicals to seal or polish it.