When you think of wall cabinets, you probably go directly to the kitchen or bathroom of your Denver home. But wall cabinets are a great remodeling idea that should not only be relegated to kitchen and bathroom use. Kitchen storage cabinets, garage cabinets, laundry room cabinets, bar cabinets, pantry cabinets and more are all great solutions and styles for rooms you might not have considered. When you have plenty of storage, your Denver home looks more elegant, and your life becomes easier. Our laundry room cabinet customers are often shocked at home they went without cabinet in their laundry room before. This is true not only for the kitchen and bathroom but also for every room in your house that can benefit from wall cabinets. Adding exquisitely designed wall cabinets in your Denver home can boost their style while making better use of the space. Kitchens by Wedgewood’s expert designers in Denver can bring out any room’s true potential.

Laundry Room Cabinets

Consider a laundry room cabinet for your Denver home. Laundry comes with its storage difficulties, and with laundry room cabinets you can clear away with the clutter and have ample storage space for all your products. If your space is cramped, clean it up with a laundry room cabinet that will keep your tidying space, tidy.

Bar Cabinets

The bar in your Denver home will look more organized and less cluttered with the right bar cabinets. Not only do bar cabinets provide space to put the many bar accessories away in, but they also add to the aesthetic of the space, giving it more character and style. If your looking to spruce up the bar in your Denver home, bar cabinets are a great place to start.

Garage Cabinets

Your garage might be a haven for members of your Denver home, and a great way to keep the space looking great is with garage cabinets. Many people in Denver have cluttered garages with the many tools and storage items lying about the space. With a garage cabinet, you not only revamp the interior’s style and look, but you can store away the things that would otherwise be left out. A well-organized garage in Denver complete with garage cabinets is a much more open and breathable space.

Pantry Cabinets

Lovers of home cooking and buying in bulk will love our wide variety of pantry cabinets. Not many kitchens in Denver come pre-loaded with enough kitchen storage cabinets for the average cooking enthusiasts in Denver, and for them, the pantry cabinet is a great solution. Pantry cabinets can hold all the snacks, canned goods, and more which keep your Denver family well fed without cluttering up the kitchen storage cabinets already in the kitchen. If the average kitchen storage cabinet isn’t cutting it, the professionals at Wedgewood in Denver will make additional kitchen storage cabinets and pantry cabinets to keep it all organized. Talk to a member of our Denver team today and see what kitchen storage cabinet and pantry cabinet solutions we have in store for you.

Get Started Today with Your Whole Home Cabinet Design

Cabinets are extremely versatile and can lend extra style to every room. Wall cabinets come in many kinds of wood and colors and can include chic and sophisticated elements such as glass or metal inserts. They also help unify a room’s look. Help yourself work better by redesigning your home office into an efficient, organized area that is the perfect place to take care of business. Our expert designers’ one-on-one personalized service focuses on each customer’s needs – something you can’t get working with a big box store. Kitchens by Wedgewood gives you the input and power to make any room into a stylish and functional space with wall cabinets, and our designers have the experience to make the process painless.


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