Wedgewood Cabinetry stays at the forefront of design trends by integrating innovative technology and sustainable practices in our custom cabinet services. We offer creative designs which enhance the functionality of your custom kitchen cabinets. The use of eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing process reflects on our sustainability in our custom bathroom cabinet services. Our custom cabinet designs embrace unique finishing, textures, and materials. As a custom cabinet builder, we ensure that our cabinets are stylish and cater to the evolving needs of modern living.

The Future of Luxury is Green

At Wedgewood Cabinetry, our dedication to eco-friendly practices is integrated into our high quality custom cabinet design. We often use sustainable materials, ensuring our custom kitchen cabinets are environmentally responsible and visually appealing. Our custom bathroom cabinets feature low-VOC finishes, preserving quality indoor air without sacrificing the luxurious finish expected in premium cabinets. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that the beauty and quality of our cabinets are apparent, reflecting our belief that sustainability and luxury can coexist without compromise.

A Legacy of Quality

Since its establishment in 1984, Wedgewood Cabinetry has been known as a reliable custom cabinet builder. Our services encompass a comprehensive approach to custom cabinet designs, from initial design consultation to the final installation, ensuring a personalized experience for every client. With a focus on aesthetic appeal and functionality, our custom cabinet services cater to a diverse range of needs. Our skilled carpenters and designers work closely with our clients to ensure we accurately translate individual styles and preferences into tangible solutions.