Custom Cabinets in Denver and Boulder

When you need an exact fit and the perfect design, custom cabinetry is the answer!

At Kitchens by Wedgewood, we build custom cabinetry to the exact specifications of our clients in Denver, Louisville, Centennial and many nearby areas. You choose the type of wood, the finish, and the style, and we design and build your cabinets from scratch.

Maybe you want to match furniture, complement an architectural style, or fit something into an unusual space…whatever you want with your custom cabinets, we can accommodate them. We offer a wide variety of wood choices including: cherry, alder, maple, walnut, and many types of exotic woods. We service many areas from Centennial to Louisville, and we can accommodate changes to many rooms in your home.

Custom cabinetry options include:

  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Pantry Cabinets
  • Island Cabinets
  • Bar Cabinets
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Vanity Cabinets
  • Entertainment Center Cabinets
  • Home office Cabinets
  • Library Cabinets
  • Study Cabinets
  • Closet Cabinets
  • Organizing and Storage Cabinets
  • Garage Cabinets
Cabinets are extremely versatile and can lend extra style to every room. Custom cabinets come in many woods and colors and can include chic and sophisticated elements such as glass or metal inserts. They also help unify a room’s look. Make your baby’s nursery look like a fairy-tale cottage or convert your basement into a modern man cave. Help yourself work better by redesigning your home office into an efficient, organized area that is the perfect place to take care of business. You can even transform your ordinary laundry room into a clean, clutter-free space that may make doing that dreaded household chore a little less stressful.
Kitchens by Wedgewood has many options to meet the needs of your custom cabinets. Stop in to one of our showrooms in Denver, Boulder/ Louisville, or Centennial/ Littleton to get started with our team today!