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Custom Wood Cabinets

Are you in the process of building your dream home? Maybe you are simply modernizing it through some home renovation work. The best place to start is the kitchen since it usually is the busiest room of the house. It is where family members meet and discuss their lives with one another. Is there a better way to change the entire look of the kitchen by adding a wood cabinet?

Now, the most important aspect of choosing wood cabinets is the type of wood used. There are many different types of wood utilized by Denver cabinet makers for both kitchens and bathrooms. Each wood type has its own distinct look and style; plus you can choose from light, medium and dark colors of wood. Some of the most popular woods used to build a wood cabinet include birch, alder, pine, cherry, and maple.

Alder is a medium priced wood that stains very well giving you a wide range of color options. Alder is often finished in either light gold or with a rich amber tone, making it a popular alternative to cherry. Alder, especially rustic alder is the choice these days for wood cabinets with that rustic feel.

Maple is another popular choice and it has a more subtle grain than alder cabinets. What makes maple an interesting choice is that it is not uniform in shape. The modern cabinet maker prefers maple wood cabinets for both contemporary and traditional home decor styles. Available in creamy light to rich dark shades, this type of wood creates many possible different room looks.

Cherry cabinets give kitchens an elegant. The graining is very pronounced and cabinets in cherry wood are available in medium toned reddish colors to very dark browns. Since the colors in cherry wood can sometimes be inconsistent, we hand select all of our materials.

Birch cabinets can be found in colors ranging from light cream to reddish-brown. Birch cabinets are popular because the wood itself features small knots with a smooth, fine grain and even texture. These types of cabinets work well in traditional style rooms with classic, neutral paint colors.

A newly remodeled kitchen adds value to a home. It tends to be first thing home buyers look at when shopping for a new home. Its appeal, style and look can make or break the deal. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to make your kitchen all it possibly can be by visiting Kitchens by Wedgewood, the premier Denver cabinet makers.

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