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The best way to get started on your remodeling journey is to visit one of our kitchen and bathroom showrooms to see the concepts our designers have cooked up to inspire clients like you. The national cabinet brands on display at our bathroom showrooms are leading the industry in high-quality, beautiful cabinetry. We got our start in 1984 and have gone on to take the business of home, kitchen, and bath remodeling by storm. Littleton can rely on our expertise as professional kitchen and bath designers and employers of the best customer service agents in the business. Visit one of our bathroom or kitchen showrooms in the Littleton area to see what our world-class services and product options entail. By choosing Kitchens by Wedgewood as your partner, you are guaranteeing your renovation will look exquisite. We offer top-quality installations, cabinetry that is customizable for the kitchen or bath, a variety of styles, eco-friendly materials and the expertise that will keep you coming back to Littleton to check out our kitchen showrooms for years to come. Start tackling your renovation project with the help of Littleton’s Kitchens by Wedgewood, visit one of our kitchen and bathroom showrooms today!

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Wedgewood’s Approach to the Littleton Kitchen

For complete kitchen remodeling, our designers will take you on a renovation journey to produce the look you’ve only imagined within your Littleton home. Kitchens by Wedgewood is Littleton’s finest kitchen showroom and a wonderful resource for home remodeling. Your experience will only be matched by our amazing team of customer service reps and industry partners. We specialize in cabinetry for our clients but are here to offer our skilled designers and industry partners who will bring the whole home together to create something truly impressive. Check out our kitchen showroom in Littleton to see what cutting-edge designs we’ve come up with. Our unique approach includes employing people who will work with you and your concept to yield a perfectly executed Littleton renovation. Cabinets are just the beginning, and our team can’t wait to get started.

Bathroom Design That Will Become Your Escape

The perfect remodel is only a few steps away, to get some ideas for your bathroom, visit our Littleton kitchen and bathroom showroom. Once it is time for our experienced team to hop on your project, they will craft a bathroom within your Littleton property that your neighbors and friends will be bringing up for the foreseeable future. We believe the perfect remodel is possible because we’ve worked with every kind of space to deliver flawless cabinets and redesign for clients just like you. Bathroom cabinets alone can reinvent the look of your bathroom and completely transform its look and feel for your Littleton home. Trust our team with your kitchen and or bath remodel; we’ll turn your room into a space that you won’t want to leave. Call or visit Kitchen by Wedgewood in Littleton’s bathroom showroom today and start on your renovation goals.

Call Today for Your Littleton Home Remodeling Dreams!

Kitchens by Wedgewood is a company that services the Littleton area with the best in kitchen as well as bath cabinets and so much more. We have many years of kitchen remodels, cabinet making, installation and project completion under our belt. It also helps that we have some of the best kitchen and bathroom designers in the business designing for our clients and showcasing our talent in our kitchen and bathroom showroom. To get the absolute most out of your kitchen and bath, give Wedgewood a call today to get started on what will become your favorite rooms of your home. Want to know more? Visit our kitchen showroom today!


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Kitchens by Wedgewood is a cabinet company that also specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels. We're ready to upgrade your Denver home's kitchen and bath.


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