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The kitchen is so much more than just a place to prepare food, store ingredients, and clean up. New kitchen remodel companies will excitingly handle your kitchen makeover and make it the shining star of your Littleton home. Craft a new kitchen design with Kitchens by Wedgewood to suit your Littleton family and keep it functional enough to cook meals and entertain. As the central point of family activity and the entertaining of friends, the new kitchen remodels design is very important to pull off correctly. Today’s new kitchen makeovers in Littleton result in a kitchen renovation that is well lit has open space and incorporates technology and trends that a kitchen remodel company would be proud to build.

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Different Kitchen Makeover Styles For Littleton Homes

There is a lot to think about for redesigning your kitchen in Littleton, like how a small kitchen remodel will utilize space differently than a larger kitchen remodel design. Below are some of the techniques we use for our Littleton clients as their choice in a kitchen remodel company:

Island Kitchens

Works best in Littleton’s larger kitchens, this kitchen design plan is developed around a freestanding island in the middle of the kitchen.


Galley floor plans are commonly found in small kitchens remodels and feature parallel walls with workspaces on each.


Consists of using cabinet storage on three walls, plus workstations on each wall.


A space-efficient kitchen floor plan but works best in a larger Littleton kitchen.

Small Kitchen Remodeling and Large Kitchen Renovation in Littleton

Your Littleton family’s lifestyle should be reflected in the size, design, and feel of your kitchen remodel. Wedgewood is a kitchen remodel company that cares about getting it right. We are skilled and seasoned when it comes to kitchen remodels, and when it comes to your new kitchen makeover, we want it to match the Littleton style you love. We recommend following simple guidelines like how to design for a small kitchen remodel. We follow these guidelines because we are kitchen renovation experts, and our Littleton client’s satisfaction is everything to us.

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Our cabinets are made of solid hardwoods with maple and cherry being the most popular. Kitchens by Wedgewood, a kitchen remodel company in Littleton, can build a cabinet to fit any need. We can create a more formal look in the overall kitchen remodel design for any Littleton client’s home. There a lot to go over when it comes to your kitchen design or kitchen renovation project and your Littleton home. For example, we don’t recommend small kitchen remodels with an L-shape style, but they work great in a larger kitchen. The style of the cabinetry must be in accordance with the rest of the design elements of the Littleton home so as not to clash. Kitchen remodel design has a lot that goes into it, and we know them all. If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen makeover or small kitchen remodel call Kitchens by Wedgewood, the best kitchen remodel company in Littleton, today!


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