Bathroom Designs in Denver and Boulder

Bathroom Redesign Consultation

Don’t let the name fool you; we do so much more than beautiful kitchens – including beautiful bathrooms!

A bathroom redesign is a serious project, and one that can seriously increase the value of a home. Bathrooms are complicated spaces; they need to be both practical and comfortable and often are small room with many uses. Ideally, homeowners want a space where practicality meets relaxation in order to get the most out of their bathroom remodel, but finding that balance can be a challenge if you’re going it alone. Working with a Kitchens by Wedgewood expert will make your bathroom redesign experience easy, rewarding and definitely worth your investment of both time and money.

Our experts have years of bathroom remodel knowledge under their belts. From maximizing the available space to helping you choose the right style and feel, our bathroom redesign consultants can show you exactly what it takes to make your dream bathroom a reality. Whether you want custom, semi-custom, or standard cabinets made by industry leaders, Kitchens by Wedgewood has something for your bathroom. With so many products to choose from, you’ll find something that fits your price range and still fits your unique style.

Redesign Options for Every Type of Bathroom

Storage in your dream bathroom goes well beyond what goes in the medicine cabinet. Modern bathrooms handle a lot of traffic and need to be a place that works for each family member. When you think of your bathroom cabinet needs, you need to think beyond the essentials. If you don’t want your guests to be left wet and towel-less because your linen closet is down the hall, consider adding extra storage cabinets or shelves just for towels. Likewise, extra storage in the bathroom conveniently hides away makeup, hair products and, of course, bath toys for young families.

For homeowners seeking serenity, a sleek and modern bathroom is one way to get it. The right kind of storage creates clean lines and a clutter-free environment: no toothbrushes on the sink, and counter space free from distractions. If you want a country-home feel, rich woods and rustic fixtures will make you feel right at home. Our designers can help you craft your ideal bathroom, step by step, even if you don’t yet know exactly what your dream bathroom looks like.

At Kitchens by Wedgewood, we provide personal service to every homeowner because we know remodeling your bathroom is a big decision and an even bigger commitment. Using computer models, our consultants make it easy for you to see exactly how your bathroom might look with different design concepts. Let our designers work with you to ensure you don’t miss a single detail of your bathroom remodel. Our design experts provide one-on-one guidance throughout the entire remodeling process, which is something you can’t get from big box stores.

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