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Custom Wood Cabinets in Denver, CO

Denver’s Premier Supplier of Custom Wood Cabinets

When you work with our team of carpenters at Wedgewood, you know that you’re working with one of Denver’s finest custom wood cabinet teams. Our team has decades of experience designing and manufacturing custom wood cabinetry. With over 40 years of experience, we know exactly how to design our cabinets to your specifications. Whether you want sleek, modern style or prefer rustic and traditional, our Denver team can deliver you the cabinets you specify, no matter the materials or styles you're dreaming of.

Dedicated Expertise in Service & Workmanship

Redesign With Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

The cabinets your kitchen came supplied with are likely not the cabinets you’d like to have in it. But with our custom kitchen cabinets, you can finally take control of your kitchen and have the cabinets you’ve always wanted. Our Denver team of experienced professionals at Wedgewood has extensive expertise in creating customized cabinetry completely in line with your specifications. We offer a wide range of wood to choose from, including cherry, alder, maple, walnut, and a variety of exotic woods as well. No matter what material or style you desire, our Denver team has you covered.

Declutter With Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Denver

At Wedgewood, we know that keeping your space decluttered and tidy is an important aspect of homeownership. We also know that the best way to get your space fully optimized is through custom bathroom cabinetry designed to store specifically your items. With our completely customizable bathroom cabinets, we can personalize the size, dimensions, wood species, and more to ensure that the final product you receive accentuates your space, not clutter it more. For a fully customized and controlled space, look no further than our Denver experts here at Wedgewood.

Custom Woodwork From Our Craftsman's Bench to Your Home

Wedgewood Cabinetry is the highest quality custom cabinetry in Colorado. Our wood is locally sourced, which means it's acclimated to the unique Denver climate, minimizing expansion, contraction, and discoloration throughout the entire lifespan of the cabinets. We offer exotic wood and inlays with unlimited design options, even providing our unique cabinet designs in a wide variety of material outside of wood, giving our Denver customers the unlimited potential to complete the look of your dreams.

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