Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Denver, CO

When redesigning your bathroom, it's important to consider what sort of storage options you'd like to add to keep your newly renovated space tidy. At Wedgewood Cabinetry, located in and around the Denver area, we offer numerous custom bathroom cabinet designs. Whether you need a full revamping of your storage spaces or just a single vanity addition, our custom cabinetry can fit your needs perfectly. We design our custom cabinets per customer to fit your specific needs or wants. From sleek and modern to traditional and rustic, we create perfect custom bathroom cabinets to fit your aesthetic. Call today to learn more about our custom services in the Denver area.

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Supplying Denver Bathrooms with Quality Custom Cabinetry

Our team of expert Denver carpenters has been providing custom cabinetry to the Denver area for over 40 years. We offer our vast breadth of expertise on each custom cabinet order, providing you with quality customized cabinetry. We offer a range of styles and sizes, each bespoke cabinet meeting your specific needs. When you work with Wedgewood, you can expect a perfectly built set of custom cabinets that will maximize your bathroom storage space while also providing a personalized flair to accentuate your aesthetic. Good custom cabinets are both functional and artistic, and our Denver carpenters deliver both. And remember that no matter what style or materials you want, we'll have no problem delivering the final product.

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Complete Custom Bathroom Cabinet Design in Denver

Whatever your desired look is for your custom bathroom cabinets, our carpenters here at Wedgewood have the expertise needed to bring them to life. With our expert custom bathroom cabinet design, you can expect versatile custom bathroom cabinet services that will breathe life into your space. Whatever your preferences are, we can meet them. Our Denver carpenters are experts in their crafts, providing the Denver area with perfectly customized bathroom cabinets. We offer styles ranging from traditional to modern to best suit your bathroom. Whatever your preference, our team will leave you satisfied and with ample storage space.

Denver's First Choice for Custom Cabinetry

Designing custom cabinets to meet your personal needs is no simple task. It requires a team that is dedicated to the customer, open to suggestions, and always ready to listen. At Wedgewood, we specifically hire for these traits, collecting a team of only the finest custom cabinet designers and carpenters. We listen to your requests and check-in consistently to be sure your vision is coming through in our work, using the materials you desire to achieve the styles you need. Most importantly, our custom cabinets can maximize your bathroom storage space and increase the value of your property.


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Call Wedgewood Cabinetry for New Cabinets!

Since 1984, Wedgewood Cabinetry has stayed on the cutting edge of style and design. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling, and much more, we have helped property owners in Denver, CO achieve their unique visions. From popular factory brands to local custom built cabinetry, we have something for every Denver, CO customer’s style and price. Plus, sustainability is at the heart of our company, so you can feel comfortable knowing that what you buy is environmentally conscious.

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