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Superior Cabinets in Denver, CO: Cabinetry Design Services

Superior Cabinets has an array of custom-made cabinets that are both beautiful and functional. Their design and fabrication are key in upgrading the cabinets of homes in Denver. The best option for sourcing cabinets from Superior is Wedgewood Cabinetry. Since 1984, our business has been serving the Denver area with expert technicians ready to fit your bathroom and kitchen cabinet needs. Wedgewood Cabinetry has a reputation in Denver for delivering quality, expert, service; so, choose us for professional design you can count on.

Superior Cabinets — Customizable Cabinets With a Great Value

Superior Cabinets has been crafting excellent custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets since 1980. From the beginning, their top of the line production facility has been family owned and operated. All of their custom cabinets are given the individual attention necessary to make their products last. Superior Cabinets has a variety of cabinetry lines to match any style, size, and material your kitchen or bathroom project in Denver demands.

Dedicated Expertise in Service & Workmanship

Making Custom Kitchen Cabinets a Reality for Denver

Ordering custom cabinetry from Superior Cabinets is an exciting way to give your kitchen style. However, before you order, you’ll need to design your kitchen. Luckily this is an area where Wedgewood Cabinetry excels. We are intimately familiar with the range of Superior Cabinets and can help you design the ideal kitchen. Whether you looking to maximize efficiency, aesthetics, or a combination of both, we are at your service.

Ensure Your Bathroom Renovation in Denver Is Complete With Custom Cabinets

Bathroom renovations in Denver are a delicate process; luckily, Wedgewood Cabinetry is at your side to help with designing your custom bathroom cabinets from Superior Cabinets. No matter the measurements or material of your custom bathroom cabinets, we have professional designers intimately familiar with the Superior Cabinets brand that are ready to finish the job. Your bathroom renovation in Denver deserves a personal touch. Our Denver team is eager to serve you, so consider Wedgewood Cabinetry, a cut above the rest of the competition.

Custom Woodwork From Our Craftsman's Bench to Your Home

Wedgewood Cabinetry is the highest quality custom cabinetry in Colorado. Our wood is locally sourced, which means it's acclimated to the unique Denver climate, minimizing expansion, contraction, and discoloration throughout the entire lifespan of the cabinets. We offer exotic wood and inlays with unlimited design options, even providing our unique cabinet designs in a wide variety of material outside of wood, giving our Denver customers the unlimited potential to complete the look of your dreams.

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