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The Lazy Susan is probably the most well-known and recognized kitchen cabinet accessory. There is a lot of speculation and folklore about its history and origin of invention, but it has always offered convenience to many, making items more accessible with a quick turn. Some homeowners dispute its benefits, and many have had negative experiences with them, which is why some look various Lazy Susan alternatives when planning their forever kitchen. Here are a few Lazy Susan Alternatives you may want to consider.

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Simply put, corner drawers are amazing. Imagine everything in the corner cabinet being able to be visually accessible with one pull, all while without the need to bend or strain? Corner Drawers make that possible.

Corner drawers by Superior Cabinets, the most popular Lazy Susan Alternative.

If you are considering adding them to your forever kitchen, ensure to add extra allowance to your cabinet budget, as these will be at the highest price point for any corner solution, but more than make up for the extra spend in ergonomic design and accessibility. Also keep in mind that they need to be carefully planned, as part of a new kitchen, with your Professional Kitchen Designer as these aren’t a retrofit or add-in option


Wood Super Susan’s look great, function well, are easy to install, and fit the budget. They sit independently on a shelf inside the corner cabinet, and 1-3 can be added, depending on your storage needs and item heights.

Wood Super Susan by Superior Cabinets, a popular Lazy Susan Alternative.

The shelves are often adjustable for added convenience. Most opt for two of them in a typical base corner corner cabinet, which is a corner cabinet with a bifold door. There is no unsightly pole in the middle and if something falls off the tray, the shelf is there to catch it.


These are often door mounted and are very easy to open and maneuver out. They pack a ton of storage, which is why many homeowners select them when remodeling or building a new kitchen.

A chrome base magic corner pull-out by superior cabinets

Some have flat bottoms, while other models have wire shelf bottoms that can sometimes be loud and cause things to slide around a bit, which is something to consider. These have an easy opening action, especially the door mounded versions. The Magic Corner is also something you will want to plan with your Professional Kitchen Designer to ensure proper clearances are taken into consideration.


Also known as a Twin Corner Storage unit, the Lemans II pull-out is a great option for a Base Blind Corner Cabinet. They have great weight capacity and a decent opening action, where each shelf can come out independently.

LeMans II Twin Corner Pullout cabinet accessory in chrome by Superior Cabinets
Many of the modern versions come equipped with soft close, for the ultimate in convenience. Many models have a completely flat shelf bottom to keep items sturdy. The Lemans Corner Pull-out is also a corner cabinet accessory you will want to carefully plan with your Professional Kitchen Designer to ensure it can properly open with no collisions.


Voiding or blocking out a corner to some remodelers may be more controversial than the classic Lazy Susan, however this option should be considered for some spaces. Sometimes forfeiting access to the corner creates other benefits such as getting a larger drawer bank or not having a deep dark hole in your kitchen for things to get lost forever. Voiding out the corner can sometimes be the best option for the design and space, so don’t rule it out.  

A void corner cabinet design by superior cabinets
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