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Numerous closet systems require an intricate assembly of a multitude of elements and components. Luckily, the custom closets from Vistora are unique. By selecting a Vistora custom home closet, you can be confident knowing that you have an extensive selection to choose from, the majority of which includes the desired accessory pre-installed. Vistora custom residential closets, in contrast to conventional systems that require the assembly of 20-30 parts in a compact closet, may only require the assembly of 4-5 closet components of a comparable design. Even better, the completed appearance is more individualized, as the units are floor-mounted, just like fine furniture. When the time comes to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your conventional closet, consider the custom residential closets available at Wedgewood Cabinetry today.

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No Alternative Is More Convenient Than Our Custom Home Closets

Wedgewood Cabinetry further streamlines the process by providing assistance with closet planning, design, and installation. it's of the utmost importance to turn to our team when it comes to precisely installing Vistora custom closets in one's residence. Our closets are simply unmatched in the industry; they feature fashionable designs, superior craftsmanship, and unparalleled adaptability. Furthermore, to ensure longevity and durability, our custom residential closets are meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials.

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Tailored Custom Home Closets Constructed to Last

Built by a highly experienced manufacturing team, Vistora custom closets were initially conceived with the intention of providing closet cabinetry in a more straightforward design and installation process. This concept encompasses an extensive selection of fully assembled closet cabinets that include an array of pre-configured designs and accessories. Due to this, the installation process for our custom residential closets is considerably streamlined and less intricate than the conventional approach, which entails the assembly and installation of an excessive number of components. Vistora, a reputable brand situated in the heartland of America, boasts cutting-edge facilities. Vistora is among the highly regarded cabinetry brands that Wedgewood Cabinetry represents. Observe the transformative impact that our custom wardrobes can have on your residence!


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Since 1984, Wedgewood Cabinetry has stayed on the cutting edge of style and design. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling, and much more, we have helped property owners in Boulder, CO achieve their unique visions. From popular factory brands to local custom built cabinetry, we have something for every Boulder, CO customer’s style and price. Plus, sustainability is at the heart of our company, so you can feel comfortable knowing that what you buy is environmentally conscious.

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