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Cabinetry Lines & Framing Designs in Commerce City, CO

Wedgewood Cabinetry offers four cabinet lines and an area custom cabinet shop to help achieve our clients’ visions. Our brand partnerships provide some of the highest quality products on the market, and our very own Wedgewood Cabinetry brand brings custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets to the Commerce City region. We hand select the locally sourced hardwood for the cupboards we create in our shop, and artisan designers and woodworkers build them from scratch. Between our cabinetry collection partnerships and in-house custom wood cabinets, the possibilities are endless. You can expect free consultations for the Commerce City area.

Bringing Industry Leading Cabinetry Brands to Commerce City

We partner with four iconic brands to provide Commerce City the premium quality cabinetry it deserves. We offer Crystal, Shiloh, UltraCraft custom wood cabinets. Crystal and Shiloh are sector leaders in custom and semi-custom cabinets made of high quality woods with impeccable finishes. These brands offer completely custom wood cupboards to Commerce City at low prices. UltraCraft cabinetry creates products from modernized components like stainless steel and high gloss thermofoil for a more industrial ambiance.

Dedicated Expertise in Service & Workmanship

Hand Crafted Custom Wood Cabinets in Commerce City

In addition to your partnership cabinetry lines, our Wedgewood Cabinetry Cabinets are available to the Commerce City area in any style, made from any materials. When you order cabinets from us, your main point of contact will be the designer creating your cupboards to ensure your custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets meet your vision. You can expect hand-selected, locally sourced wood, which garnered Wedgewood Cabinetry the Environment Stewardship Qualification for environmental consciousness inside our manufacturing process. Using locally sourced solid wood allows us to provide cupboards suited to the local climate, which minimizes growth, contraction, and discoloration.

Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cupboards in Commerce City

Despite our company name, Wedgewood Cabinetry offers both custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets to Commerce City. We understand the necessities of each environment and build our cupboards to withstand the moisture and humidity requirements of their respective rooms. You’ll have peace of mind if you choose Wedgewood Cabinetry because our cabinets come with materials and an excellent craftsmanship warranty, which lasts as long as you own your home. Our products are what you need – the styles and materials you’ve dreamed of.

Custom Woodwork From Our Craftsman's Bench to Your Home

Wedgewood Cabinetry is the highest quality custom cabinetry in Colorado. Our wood is locally sourced, which means it's acclimated to the unique Denver climate, minimizing expansion, contraction, and discoloration throughout the entire lifespan of the cabinets. We offer exotic wood and inlays with unlimited design options, even providing our unique cabinet designs in a wide variety of material outside of wood, giving our Denver customers the unlimited potential to complete the look of your dreams.

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