Custom Wood Cabinets in Superior, CO

If you want to add a nice, customized touch to your Superior kitchen or bathroom, search no further than Wedgewood Cabinetry’s custom wood cupboards. Nothing can transform a room more than personalized storage options. With this wide selection of woods and styles, you’re sure to find something to fit your taste. We offer completely customizable kitchen and bathroom cabinets, enabling you to redesign your Superior home for greater storage space and pick the style you want, not be limited to the stock standard cupboards that came with the place. Make your home truly your own with these individualized services today.

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A Premier Supplier of Custom Wood Cupboards

Each of our workers is well-versed in designing and delivering completely customized wood cabinetry to a wide range of customers. With over twenty years of experience, we understand exactly how to design our cabinets to your specs. Whether you want a smooth, modern style or choose rustic and traditional, our Superior group can deliver you the cupboards you specify, no questions asked — no matter the materials or styles wanted.

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Redesign With Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Superior

The cabinets your kitchen came supplied with are likely not the cupboards you’d like to have forever. With our custom kitchen cabinets, you can finally take control of your kitchen and have the cabinets you’ve often wanted. The Superior team of experienced professionals at Wedgewood Cabinetry has intensive expertise in creating personalized cabinetry entirely in line with your specifications. We offer an array of wood to select from, including cherry, alder, maple, walnut, and several exotic kinds of wood as well. No matter what color or style you might desire, our Superior group has you covered.

Declutter With Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Superior

At Wedgewood Cabinetry, we know that keeping your space decluttered and tidy can be an important aspect of homeownership. We also know the best way to get your space fully optimized is through custom bathroom cabinetry designed to store your items. With our completely customizable bathroom cupboards, we can personalize the size, dimensions, wood used, and more to make sure the final product you receive accentuates your space, not clutter it more. For a fully customized and controlled space, look no further than our Superior professionals here at Wedgewood Cabinetry because they can handle business no matter the materials or styles desired.


Get design inspiration and custom solutions to spice up your kitchen or bathroom.

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Call Wedgewood Cabinetry for New Cabinets!

Since 1984, Wedgewood Cabinetry has stayed on the cutting edge of style and design. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling, and much more, we have helped property owners in Superior, CO achieve their unique visions. From popular factory brands to local custom built cabinetry, we have something for every Superior, CO customer’s style and price. Plus, sustainability is at the heart of our company, so you can feel comfortable knowing that what you buy is environmentally conscious.

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