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Wedgewood Cabinets in Firestone, CO: Cabinetry Design Services

Wedgewood Cabinetry provides our line of custom kitchen and bathroom cupboards to the Firestone region. Wedgewood cabinets are handcrafted by our designers and artisan woodworkers at our regional shop. We strive to meet our clients’ visions for their cabinetry by offering the endless possibilities custom-built products open up. We have a diverse collection of materials to ensure there is certainly something for everybody at Wedgewood Cabinetry in terms of style, finishes, and price. Our environmentally friendly process begins with hand-chosen, locally sourced wood. We offer free of charge consultations to the Firestone area.

Handcrafted Wedgewood Cabinets in Firestone

At Wedgewood Cabinetry, our process and products are green without sacrificing the quality and durability Firestone deserves. Our artisan designers are your primary point of contact, so your product remains true to your vision for your house. Once our custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets are installed, we have a dedicated service specialist to perform tweaks and tunings until you are satisfied with our work. We locally source our wood, so it acclimates to local weather, which minimizes expansion, contractions, and discoloration.

Dedicated Expertise in Service & Workmanship

Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

You can expect Firestone cabinetry for your whole home, including both custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We understand the requirements of different rooms, so our cupboards won’t warp due to humidity or dampness. If any expansion does occur, our cabinets are supported by a materials and craftsmanship warranty. If you still aren’t sure, you can expect free consultations to the Firestone area to help you understand how we’ll customize each cabinet to match the requirements of your rooms.

Something for Each Customer in Firestone

We offer a selection of hand locally sourced woods and exotic inlays to ensure our cabinets will realize your unique vision. With Wedgewood cabinets, you’ll have the endless possibilities that come with custom-built items. If you’re a customer who wants to support environmentally friendly companies of Firestone, we received an Environmental Stewardship Program certification for our mindful manufacturing process. Our minds are always on the prize, so when you need it done right the first time, made from the materials you want, made into the styles you need, pick up the phone and call us to schedule an appointment.

Custom Woodwork From Our Craftsman's Bench to Your Home

Wedgewood Cabinetry is the highest quality custom cabinetry in Colorado. Our wood is locally sourced, which means it's acclimated to the unique Denver climate, minimizing expansion, contraction, and discoloration throughout the entire lifespan of the cabinets. We offer exotic wood and inlays with unlimited design options, even providing our unique cabinet designs in a wide variety of material outside of wood, giving our Denver customers the unlimited potential to complete the look of your dreams.

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