Dura Supreme Cabinets in Parker, CO: Cabinetry Design & Consulation Services

Wedgewood Cabinetry is a leading provider of Dura Supreme Cabinets in the Parker area. Our services are designed to precisely and carefully design and source custom cabinets in your house. We've developed our name in the Parker area since 1984 by providing expertise with a personal touch. To outfit your bathroom or kitchen makeover, go with a family owned company like Wedgewood Cabinetry.

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Experience the Hand Crafted Aesthetic of Dura Supreme Cabinets

Dura Supreme Cabinets is known for stunning cabinets that allow homeowners to breathe new life into their kitchen or bathroom. Their designers offer flexible options for Parker homeowners to use space efficiently and meet the individual needs of any restoration or new-build. Dura Supreme Cabinets builds custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry by using both innovative technology and technical craftsmanship. With a wide palette of cabinetry options to match any Parker home's style, you can expect your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to last for years to come.

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A Professional Kitchen Cabinet Supplier Serving the Parker Area

Accessing custom kitchen cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinets isn't a small task for the average person in Parker. You need a name you can trust, and Wedgewood Cabinetry has you covered in Parker. Our designers will help design your custom kitchen cabinets within the Dura Supreme Cabinets line - working efficiently to save you time and money. For any custom or semi-custom kitchen cabinetry project you have, contact us to set up an consultation. We'll work with you to ensure your custom wood cabinets by Dura Supreme Cabinets fit all your kitchen needs.

Get Your Bathroom in Parker Fitted With Custom Cabinets

For outfitting bathrooms, Dura Supreme Cabinets offer custom cabinetry with contemporary design elements to match the style of your Parker home. A variety of finishes and storage options offer the ability to modernize or bring back traditional styles to homes in Parker. Wedgewood Cabinetry has a team ready to design the perfect bathroom using Dura Supreme Cabinets. Our cabinet services, regardless of the material or style, guarantee you'll have the bathroom you deserve.


Get design inspiration and custom solutions to spice up your kitchen or bathroom.

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Call Wedgewood Cabinetry for New Cabinets!

Since 1984, Wedgewood Cabinetry has stayed on the cutting edge of style and design. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling, and much more, we have helped property owners in Parker, CO achieve their unique visions. From popular factory brands to local custom built cabinetry, we have something for every Parker, CO customer’s style and price. Plus, sustainability is at the heart of our company, so you can feel comfortable knowing that what you buy is environmentally conscious.

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